Important Things Off YouTube

There’s a lot on Youtube. Some things are stupid (see: videos of video games, people singing and dancing in their bedrooms, clips from Conan – the man is made of wax, why is he on TV), some things are necessary (see: dogs rescuing other dogs, cats, baby animals taking baths).
Some are important to me. For example, this:

Jaaam, Pogo

If Pogo hasn’t happened to you yet, congratulations, you are welcome. Remixing the soundtracks of undeniable classics like Back to the Future, Disney movies or Pokemon, Pogo produces amazing, upbeat tracks that will get into your head and down your spine. This one in particular is one I genuinely dance to and sing along with, it’s genius, I love it, listen to it now. Then spend the next two hours flicking through everything else he’s done, and welcome to your Sunday mornings for the next three months.